The idea — a «hardware-program» complex to monitor the health status of the individual (in the form of arch) that is intended for elderly people.

The goal — to provide a mobile, long-lasting registration of body electrophysiological indicators, which provide information on changes in individual indicators in real time, overnight.

Product — the device and the program for registering non-stop information on the state of the body (pulse, temperature, muscle tone, and psycho-emotional stress level).

  1. The device is non-invasive lightweight, handy, compact, waterproof, shockproof, cheap and worn on the head.

  2. The program provides regular information gathering of the skin and hands (heart rate variability, skin resistance, skin temperature, gas composition in the blood) Information is constantly being processed and ends up on the device monitor that is on persons hand, allowing them to keep track of their body’s functioning characteristics. The program mathematically computes a prediction on how the health status will change and in case of unfavorable outcome, the program will, first, independently notify the user himself, and second – contact with the people chosen by the same user and report to them on the negative changes in users condition.

Construction —

Solution to the problem — registration of the body’s main systems condition and actualizing its forecast in case of worsening. The complex can be used without the presence of medical staff and at any location. The programs algorithm adapts to each person’s individual features.

Strengths — a team of specialists who have more than 30 years of experience in the field of registering and analyzing electrophysiological indicators, that allows to verify the normal body condition of people of all ages. The team have developed evaluation criteria for very early detection of health problems using the heart rate variability, skin potential, brain electrical activity, as well as blood gases (oxygen and carbon dioxide) and the acid-alkaline balance.


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mob. ph./viber.: 00(371)29877849

Creator and Project Manager:

Konstantin Pudovskis

General Research Manager and Doctor of med. Science:

Dr.Nelli Tolmacha